Hi. I'm Jon Sandruck.

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Ardent human-centered designer and servant-leader. Creates an environment where designers can do great work, grow professionally, and master their craft. Applies a cognition-based design approach to brand, user experience, and service design projects. Employs design thinking to facilitate understanding between the design team and external stakeholders. Conducts design research to inform visionary artifacts that are usable, desirable, and feasible.


Design Director, USAA Plano, TX–June 2017 to Present

Lead a small team of designers to support USAA’s Auto Ownership Experience. Coordinate with business and technical stakeholders to guide new products and features from strategic conception through technical execution. Manages the professional development of team members, coaching them to maturity in their craft and as a professional. Contribute to USAA’s transtion to SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework for Enterprise) by using the Kano method to define User Value as part of WSJF (Weighted Shortest Job First).

Customer Experience Strategist, Sabre Travel Network Southlake, TX–May 2105 to June 2017

Lead the design of visionary artifacts to guide product portfolio development. Integrate Design Thinking and Human-Centered Design into product marketing and development lifecycles. Lead design for next-generation point-of-sale software, contributing to a $1.4 billion contract with the world’s largest retail travel agency. Serve as interim manager and program manager for a large cross-functional design and research team. Create and facilitate design-thinking workshops to help marketing teams integrate stakeholder feedback into product roadmaps. Conduct on-site design research, quickly funneling insights back to remote design team by creating a nightly findings podcast.

Principal User Experience Designer, Sabre Travel Network Southlake, TX–July 2014 to May 2015

Lead the design of digital products within Sabre Travel Network. Advance the maturity of the UX design practice. Contribute to standards for visual design, interaction design, service design, design research, and front-end development for prototypes. Support the professional development of junior team members Authored a diagramming standard for the documentation of process and application flows. Lead research, design, and front-end development for Sabre Dev Studio; Sabre’s industry-leading Developer Experience portal. Contribute to visual and interaction design framework by leading interaction design and front-end development.

Senior User Experience Designer, Sabre Travel Network Southlake TX–January 2013 to July 2014

Design software workflows and interfaces for expert users. Observe and integrate findings from usability testing. Evangelize the value of UX to the organization. Develop and improve processes that provide organizational value through design.

Senior Interaction Designer, [x]cube LABS Dallas, TX - May 2012 to January 2013

Translate client requirements and use-case scenarios into software architecture, design patterns and user interfaces for mobile applications and games. Collaborate with teammates in a client-facing capacity as a leader of design thinking exercises. Manage and mentor junior design staff.

Principal & Creative Director, ohTwentyone, Colleyville, TX–2005 to 2012

Owner & operator of a small multidisciplinary design studio. Lead branding, print and web design projects for small business and association clients. Managed a small team of designers, account managers, and developers.

Marketing Director, Paramount Mortgage Fort Worth, TX - 2003 to 2005

Plan and execute 25 loan officers’ marketing initiatives. Lead branding and website redesign efforts. Managed integration of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system into loan origination process.

Principal & Sr. Designer, LeftUpstairs Studios Shepherdstown, WV–2001 to 2003

Lead print, web, and branding design projects for small business and association clients.

Partner & Designer, Jon Walker Graphic Design Charles Town, WV–2000 to 2001

Design print, web, and branding projects for small business and national trade association clients.


Design Research
Human-Centered Design
Design Thinking Facilitation
Interface Design
Interaction Design
Graphic/Visual Design
Adobe CS/CC (Ps, Ai, Id, Dw, Acrobat)
Front-end development (HTML/CSS/JS)


Certified SAFe Agilist
Pragmatic Marketing Foundations


2012 Regional Design Annual - Print Magazine
LogoLounge 7 - Rockport
American Package Design Awards 2012 - GDUSA
American Graphic Design Awards 2011 - GDUSA
LogoLounge Master Collection Vol.4 - Rockport
American Web Design Awards 2011 - GDUSA
Visual Marketing: 99 Proven Ways... - Wiley
Trademarks USA 2 - Ampixx
American Graphic Design Awards 2010 - GDUSA
Trademarks USA - Ampixx
American Web Design Awards 2010 - GDUSA
Logoliscious - Harper Collins
The New Big Book of Layouts - Harper Collins
American Graphic Design Awards 2009 - GDUSA
Designing for the Greater Good - Harper Collins
Logo Lounge Master Collection, Vol.1 - Rockport
American Web Design Awards 2009 - GDUSA
Logo Lounge Vol.5 - Rockport

Eagle Scout - Boy Scouts of America


AIGA DFW - Treasurer (Current)
AIGA DFW - President (2016-2018)
AIGA DFW - Vice President (2013-2016)
AIGA DFW - Vice President (2010-2013)
IxDA - General Member


Shepherd University, Shepherdstown, WV - BFA, 2000
Studio Art w/concentration in Graphic Design
Cum Laude


Cognitive Psychology
Behavioral Economics



Sabre® Dev Studio

Design Research, UX Design, UI Design, Content Design, Front-End Development (HTML, CSS, jQuery, Javascript)

From a design standpoint, the main challenge of creating Sabre Dev Studio, a site that houses documentation for our new suite of REST APIs, has been determining what to make that will best serve our audience. To that end, we’ve conducted ethnographic research, performed competitive analysis, created personas, and created a site and documentation to serve them. In reality, the most challenging aspect of the project has been keeping a cross-functional team of design, technology, and marketing aligned and motivated to create the massive cultural change necessary to complete the project. Dev Studio is first product that Sabre has tried to market outside of the travel industry, and it represents a significant shift in our thinking.

As design lead for Dev Studio I participated in research, synthesized it into a design recommendation, socialized the design to senior leadership within Sabre Travel Network, and ultimately presented the design to Sabre Holding’s CEO.

In the course of implementing our design recommendation I have written and directed a video, created several app prototypes that demonstrate the APIs (some of which have been produced for release as SDKs), written hundreds of lines of jQuery code in order to apply Bootstrap to an incompatible content management system, and lead a team of ten designers in a two-day ‘hackathon’ to create prototypes for newly added APIs. Most importantly, I have nurtured strong interpersonal relationships with individuals outside of my team, division and business unit, which are necessary in order to create cultural change.

Sabre® Red™ Mobile Workspace

Feature Definition, UX Design, Prototyping, UI Design, Interaction Design, Usability Consulting, Production Art

Since sometime in the 1960s travel agents have been using a Sabre terminal to travel for their customers. Sabre® Red™ Mobile Workspace is the latest iteration of this terminal, with a few major differences, and a few significant challenges.

Principally, it's on an iPad. This requires typing cryptic commands on an on-screen keyboard that takes up more than 40% of the terminal screen the user is referencing

It also carries with it user expectations that the experience will be intuitive and magical, while maintaining the user's existing knowledge of terminal workflows that have been slowly evolving for over 40 years.

The challenge of designing the next generation Sabre interface has become creating highly intuitive tools to supplement, rather than replace, the existing workflow. These tools range from maps and date pickers to tools that help users learn commands, or help them build impossibly complex commands that would normally require a background in computer science to construct.

Sabre Red Mobile Workspace debuted in March at TTX, Sabre's technology conference to the most enthusiastic reaction of any product Sabre has ever produced, leading senior leadership to remark, "This is the only time I've ever had to stop my presentation for applause."

Advocare 24 Day Challenge App

Product Strategy, User Experience Design, Art Direction, Account Management

Advocare is a MLM supplier of dietary supplements and wellness products. Their program begins with a 24-day regimen called "The 24 Day Challenge." When Advocare originally conceived of an app to help their customers succeed on their regimen, it was a standard diet-and-exercise compliance app, wherein users would manually enter their supplements and the nutritional values of the food they eat. Realizing that the secret to the regimen's success is increasing user compliance, we were directed to develop an app that would increase the likeliness that a new customer successfully finish the 24 Day Challenge.

I synthesized personal experience, market research, and competitive analysis into a solution that profoundly simplified both the technical requirements and the user workflow. This both made the app easier to produce, with lower ongoing maintenance costs, and added value for users by making it easier to comply with the program, and raising their chances of succeeding.

The key to simplifying the app while making it more valuable was to realize that, to users, entering their nutritional regimen is a major hurdle, and doesn't provide as much value as accountability. The 24-Day Challenge is a specific regimen, so there's no reason to make users add it to the app when we could simply build it in. We also realized that rather than a food-logging app with a social component, it would be more valuable as a social app wherein users held each other accountable by sharing photos of their meals.

Sharp Aquos iOS Remote

Product Strategy, User Experience Design, Art Direction, Prototyping (HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, jQuery UI)

To use the phone prototype, go to http://sandruck.com/xcube/sharp/ on your smartphone.Sharp's Aquos televisions can accept commands via WiFi, making them perfect for developing iOS and Android remote controls. Sharp asked us to develop an iOS app that would extend and improve the experience of owning and using their flagship product.

How does a free app improve the experience of owning a $6,000 television?

We created a remote that could be customized by the user through collapsing or expanding groups of controls and rearranging them into an order that makes sense based on how you use your television.

On the iPad we combined this customizable remote with expanded interfaces for the television's network services (Netflix, Hulu Plus, Vudu, Pandora, etc...) and internal browser.

Scan the QRCode or visit http://sandruck.com/xcube/sharp/ on your smartphone to use the prototype.

tradeMonster Mobile

Product Strategy, Art Direction, UX/UI Design, Interaction Design, Prototyping (XHTML, CSS, jQuery, jQuery Mobile)

There are plenty of trading apps for iOS. But there aren't many that never require you to type to make a trade. While conducting analysis of Trademonster's desktop software, we realized that although users could use their keyboard to execute trades, they wouldn't need to touch a keyboard at all with the introduction of a few well designed controls.

We then set out to design a full-featured trading app that enables hardcore traders to obsessively research, monitor, and trade stocks, options, and bonds from the convenience of their favorite mobile device.

Recognizing the tendency of serious traders to check their accounts, quotes, and news compulsively, we designed the interface to be glance-able, with large, clear quotes, meaningful color-coding for indicators, and easy to read fonts with large, open counters.

We also analyzed the existing workflow of long-indoctrinated users to identify and eliminate waste in the trade flow. By consolidating the information on screens with highly redundant information, we were able to streamline the process of submitting a trade and reduce the amount of time between initiating and submitting a trade.

Spencer & Devon Comprehensive Branding

Creative Direction, Art Direction, Logo Design, Package Design, Identity Design, Website Design, XHTML, CSS, jQuery

Spencer & Devon is an all-natural premium shaving cream based in Dallas, TX. While operating ohTwentyone I was involved in the design of their logo, packaging, e-commerce website, and advertising.

Beyond simple graphic design, we performed market research, competitive analysis, and business process consulting, helping Spencer & Devon identify a fulfillment vendor with an integrated e-commerce back-end, set their price point, and identify low-cost, high-yield advertising opportunities.

Website design and developement for CityDNA and the City of Detroit. Design, UI/UX Development, HTML/CSS Development

CityDNA/Foreclosure Detroit Web Application

Graphic Design, Usability Consulting, UI/UX Design, XHTML, CSS, jQuery, jQuery UI

The cityDNA project is a web application that allows users to cross-reference census and survey data by geographic area (zip code, census tract, master plan neighborhood) to identify development opportunities or underserved areas of a metropolitan area. The prototype was developed for the city of Detroit.

The translucent interface was designed to allow the user to make selections and view key info while interfering minimally with the maps data below. The key was also drag-and-droppable, and automatically arranged itself in a vertical or horizontal layout based on its proximity to the side or bottom of the screen.

Most importantly, the data was visually referenced in such a way that a user could quickly and intuitively understand the relationship between two sets of data, as well as locate point-based data like Banks and Grocery Stores. This allows users to identify opportunities for real estate, retail, or community development.

TSTCS Logo and Website. Logo Design, Website Design, Art Direction, Wordpress Developement, XHTML, CSS, jQuery

TST Construction Services Logo and Website

Logo Design, Website Design, Art Direction, Wordpress Developement, XHTML, CSS, jQuery

When TST Construction Services is a tile contractor the same way that Ferrari is a car company. However, when they approached me to design their new website, that's exactly how they were presenting themselves.

We designed them a new logo and a new website with a custom Wordpress theme that centers around photographs of their spectacular work and quotes from clients extolling their virtues as craftsmen.

Most importantly, we customized their Wordpress backend to make it easy to update their photo gallery and page content, so that the client can keep it up to date themselves.

ACEP Advocacy Center Website, Mobile Web App, Responsive Web Design, XHTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Website Design, User Modeling

ACEP Advocacy Center Website/Mobile Web Application

Art Direction, Design Strategy, User Modeling, XHTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery

As we all know, in 2007 Apple introduced the iPhone. In January of 2008 the American College of Emergency Physicians noticed they had a problem with small screen devices and their rapidly climbing bounce rates. It seemed that while their site was seeing increased visits from 340px-wide screens, they weren't making it beyond the home page.

ACEP hired me to design a fluid-layout website that would fair equally well on an iPhone and a Cinema Display. Instead, I introduced them to a javacript called Switchy McLayout and the concept of responsive design.

To demonstrate the technique, I created a prototype that loaded custom CSS based on the width of the user's screen, even showing or hiding specially designed navigation menus designed to optimize the experience for different screen sizes and densities, and larger target areas required for touch-screen interactions.

Various Logo Designs

Market Research, Branding Strategy, Illustration

ACEP Advocacy Center
Logo for website and web application meant for journalists and policy makers to use on their smartphones. The icon needed to simply convey the purpose of the website.

Allygn IT
Logo for Denver-based Managed Service IT provider that serves nonprofit organizations. Client-base is primarily female and comfortable with technology, but looking to outsource it and reduce cost.

Art of Opera Foundation
The Art of Opera Foundation is a nonprofit group that aims to reframe Opera as contemporary art, instead of art history. Implied human heart and soprano's open mouth reference life and vitality.

Coppell Humane Society
Logo for local (unafiliated with the national organization) all-volunteer humane organization specializing in dogs and cats. The logo emphasizes the similarities between dogs and cats, and the people who love them.

The Dracul
Logo for comic book about the real life childhood of Vlad Tepes, also known as Vlad "The Impaler" Dracula. Illustration and custom lettering based on period-accurate romanian drawings and calligraphy.

ER Crisis in America
Logo for campaign to promote education and funding for the improvement of Emergency Room conditions in America.

Forecast Dynamics
Logo for software company that specializes in using neuro-modeling to analyze supply chain data and provide 'just in time' inventory and logistical support.

Logo for hosted open-source content mangement system that aims to help artists, nonprofits and small businesses focus on publishing websites, instead of designing and building them.

Keep Your ER Open
Logo for initiative to improve funding and availability of Emergency Rooms in rural or otherwise underserved communities.

Live for the Cure
Logo for branded fundraising arm of the Chronic Disease Fund.

Longhorn Fabrication
Logo for metal fabricator and manufacturer of laser-cut metal parts for industrial applications.

Logo for Bedford, TX-based managed services IT provider. Target market is small to medium businesses looking to cut costs by outsourcing IT to a knowledgable partner.

Logo for Arlington, TX-based prosthodontic practice. Client focussed on the precision and artistry of his work.

Risky Drinking
Logo for NHTSA-funded campaign to educate the public about the risks of binge drinking and drinking and driving. Included website and brochure.

Screen Nerd
Logo for TV and Movie review website that focussed on long-form reporting and analysis of television and film and its cultural relevance.

Tidy Tom's
Logo for residential and commercial cleaning service. The long-term plan for the identity was to have different divisions use different colors and cleaning implements.

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